CTI (PC telefonia)

Unified Applications

In an enterprise different types of users can be found:

  • Average users don’t want to spend too much time on the phone. They may need CTI tools to reduce the use of their telephone and a simple answering machine with a personal greeting message
  • Sales people and mobile or remote workers may need unified messaging and tools to handle their availability such as call logging, location management and follow me
  • Heavy users, such as company receptionists, need detailed information about who is calling and who is called
  • Contact center agents need appropriate call qualification and scripting to handle calls quickly and efficiently
  • Conferencing can make team collaboration and contact with customers and external partners easier
  • Multimedia management (fax or mail) and automated services such as Interactive Voice Response can help improve and control quality and availability of customer greeting services
  • Multiple diaries can be necessary with most of these services

Different offers exist to meet all these needs but Unified Applications from Aastra offer more benefits:

  • Most applications can be installed on the same server thus reducing hardware cost
  • Evolution is simplified as services can be added without additional hardware
  • These applications have common administration, compatibilities and prerequisites thus simplifying installation and integration
  • Homogeneous ergonomics and interfaces also help users to learn how to use the new service
  • Heterogeneous diaries integrate through a unique server which is able to connect to others saving time and reducing costs for building a Meta diary
  • Using Web technologies along with open-standard based software also simplifies integration of enterprise applications in a customers’ LAN
  • In particular with Web Services, users only need to have a web browser to be able to use the services they are allowed and profile evolution implies administrative rights management

In brief, Unified Applications not only offer various services depending on the type of user. With homogeneous standard based software, they make integration of these services simple and evolution easy and cost effective as initial hardware and software investment can be preserved.

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