Contact Center

Leading Contact Center technologies are designed to meet and exceed customer expectations when they call into a company. This initial contact, and the quality of service a caller receives, makes a lasting impression on a customer and can impact their ongoing loyalty.

One of the top reasons that people call an enterprise today is to make a purchase. But a customer can also be calling a company for a variety of other reasons including; product information, hours of operation, inquiries about their account, to make a complaint or to get technical assistance.

Depending on the situation, and the nature of an enterprise’s business, a customers needs may differ:

  • receive a quick answer (or they hang up only after a few rings)
  • be recognized (answered by the same person each time that they call)
  • reach someone live (even outside working hours)

When installing a Contact Center, enterprises want to satisfy their customer needs while making sure that the system is cost effective and helps to increase sales. Important features to consider include; recognition of VIP customers so that they are placed in priority sequence, and, calling number identification so that customer files automatically open in a data base enabling calls to be handled quickly and efficiently. In addition, to ensure that the system is appropriate, they also wants tools that will allow them to evaluate how well the system behaves, and determine if it is properly sized, by having the ability to access information like number of calls (answered and lost), waiting times, and agent activity reports.

Aastra can provide technologies to meet all these needs starting with simple call routing system that can easily evolve towards a multimedia contact center that is tightly integrated with customer relation management tools.

Contact Center
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