Mobil megoldások

Mobility and Communication are now buzzwords among competitive companies

For people on the go, being accessible at any time allows them to react quicker resulting in improved productivity and increased efficiency in the workplace. Mobile users have specific needs and Aastra has the products and systems to answer.

Inside a company’s premises, employees want to be able to be reached at any time. Such needs can be answered with DECT or DECT over IP solutions. Users benefit from having access to Aastra’s platform features on their mobile phones. For instance, they are able to transfer calls, make conference calls and have access to a personalized directory, all from their DECT handset…

IP telephony is also compatible with mobility needs. IP technology enables a virtual desking feature; users can log on with an IP set and receive and place calls exactly as if they were at their own desk, even while they are in remote offsite location of the company.

Mobility in the enterprise today is delivered with WIFI solutions for voice and data. Cell phones or DECT phones, digital or SIP phones, users can be reached anywhere inside or outside the company with the same level of features on their device, no matter if the call is placed inside or outside the telephony infrastructure of the company.

Aastra also provides Fix-Mobile Convergence solutions. A GSM mobile is identified as a subscriber of the system and can be used to make a call through the system.

Aastra Application portfolios complete the mobility offering and enhance a user’s freedom; for instance, presence management is just one of the many applications which improve a user’s mobility when linked to the deployment of mobile handsets in the workplace.

Aastra delivers feature-rich mobility solutions that fit.

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