Telephony Web Portal (TWP)

New-Generation CTI

TWP is a new-generation Computer Telephony Integration offer that is revolutionizing the integration of telephony into your information system thanks to state-of-the art Web Services technologies. This solution comprises several software modules that offer efficient telephony services to your employees and partners. Thanks to its centralized and web client-based architecture, deployment and administrative costs are highly minimized.

Improve the efficiency of your employees with:

  • The Caller module, intuitively and quickly call from a PC using:
    • Office applications through simple drag & drop or copy-paste (Word™, Excel™, Yellow Pages™, e-mail signature…)
    • ·Transmitted, received, and missed call logs
    • ·A unified interface, for accessing the company’s different directories (LDAP, SQL, ODBC, Outlook™ contacts, NeXspan directory…)
  • The Alerter module, immediately identify a caller before picking up a call:
    •   Record display, with recognition of contact through multi-directory display
    • Record customization (Outlook contact record link, professional application, etc.)
  • The Phone module, manage a telephone set effectively and intuitively:
    • Supervision/Interception
    • Transfer/putting on hold/hold pickup/conference
    • Voice mailbox management
    • Tutorial on digital and IP sets


  • Easy installation, administration and integration
  • Added-value services
  • Customizable solution
  • Time-saving solution



NeXspan Applications - The unified communication era , English , PDF , 878 KB

telephony Web Portal
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