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NeXspan D

NeXspan D

The Secured Communication Platform

From 100 to 1000 subscribers, NeXspan D is the ideal solution for all companies concerned with the mission critical availability of their telephone service. This communications platform features a duplicated power supply and a motherboard that protects users from possible breakdowns. This is particularly important in the health sector, for local authorities, call centers, industry, etc.

In case of a power failure or accidental cut in supply, the integrated power supply runs the entire IPBX, and the failure is fully transparent (no break in the communications underway). The replacement of the defective power supply or power reconnection features hot-plugging, this is transparent for all other NeXspan D services as well.


  • 700 TDM and 500 IP subscribers
  • 4,500 calls/hour
  • 200 simultaneous calls
  • Power supply duplication
  • CPU duplication
  • 8 messaging system accesses
  • 4 IVS accesses
  • CTI application

Terminals interfaces

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Fax
  • DECT
  • DECT over IP
  • IP
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • Software phones
  • ISDN

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