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NeXspan Communication Server (NCS)

NeXspan Communication Server

A Full IP Solution

By deploying an enhanced call processing application on a Windows 2003 Server platform, Aastra provides companies with a Voice over IP server that offers LANs and WANs the expected unified services and openness to SIP and H323 standards.

Powerful and scalable, NeXspan Communication Server offers a reliable and secure Voice over IP solution, regardless of the type of computer network. It is completed by NeXspan S, L, and D as well as NeXspan 500, which are used as gateways to the TDM world, like the PSTN/ISDN networks, analogue or digital sets.

The compatibility of NeXspan Communication Server with all the IPBXs and all Aastra applications guarantees investment sustainability. Each NeXspan Communication Server can be integrated into a global NeXspan Internet telephony network, and can be implemented in configurations with any size, up to 10,000 users.


  • 4,000 IP subscribers
  • 24,000 calls/hour
  • 1,200 simultaneous calls
  • IP capacity can be improved simply through the addition of licenses

Terminals interfaces

  • IP
  • SIP
  • Wi-Fi
  • DECT over IP
  • Software phones
  • H.323

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